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Malaria Facts

  • Every thirty seconds, a child in Africa dies from malaria. 3,000 children a day.
  • Malaria kills more than one million people a year.
  • Each year 10,000 pregnant women and 200,000 of their infants die as a result of malaria infection during pregnancy.
  • Malaria accounts for nearly 20 percent of under-five mortality in Africa. In fact, Malaria kills more African children than any other disease.
  • Deaths result not only from the infection with the malaria parasite directly, but also from the severe anemia and malnutrition that follows. Anemia contributes to more than half of malaria deaths in women and children.
  • Worldwide malaria causes approximately 350 to 500 million illnesses a year.
  • Annual economic loss in Africa due to malaria is estimated to be $12 billion, representing a crippling 1.3 percent annual loss in GDP growth in endemic countries.
  • Malaria-endemic countries allocate significant resources to malaria:
    • 40% of health expenditures
    • 20-45% of hospital admissions
    • 50% of outpatient visits
  • Half a century ago, malaria was successfully eradicated in Caribbean Islands, the Balkans, several Western European countries, Taiwan and the South Pacific. In the 1970’s malaria was eradicated from mainland China.
  • Malaria can be prevented and treated through a comprehensive, sustainable approach that involves the proper use of bed nets, eliminating mosquito breeding areas, selective indoor residual spraying, medicines for treatment, and education.

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