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Supporters of MMAMA.net

MMAMA.net has received support from the following institutions, student clubs, businesses and individuals:

Montana State University-Bozeman Professors

  • Dr. Ada Giusti, Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies
  • Dr. Florence Dunkel, Associate Professor of Entomology

Montana State University-Bozeman Departments Professors

Montana State University Student Clubs

Grants from the United State Government:

  • USDA CSREES Higher Education Challenge Grant Program

Bozeman businesses that sell our products:

Bozeman businesses that have donated their expertise:

MMAMA.Net would also like to thank Meryl and Eva Burton, Nika Mueller,
and Helio Fernbach-Mahiri for modeling for this website.

Margerie Durban also supported the MMAMA.NET web site by translating English to French for some of the French versions of these pages. Her work is much appreciated.

Thank You!